I played NCAA Division I soccer for the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.  Having started all 4 years and earning multiple conference honors, I propelled my soccer career to the next level, competing for the U.S. Air Force Team as well as Team USA in the Military World Cup.  I know what it takes to play at the highest level, and I understand the progression that’s required when you’re developing.


Based on my background, I am committed to a disciplined and repetitious approach.  There are dozens of techniques we can work on daily, with even more variations to keep things interesting.  I am focused on the complete spectrum of technical skill, from dribbling to passing and beyond.  Some of the workouts will repeat each other over time, but this will benchmark your progress.  If you miss a day or a week, no worries.  The TODs will be there when you get back, and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.


My goals are simple.  I want you to be able to dribble out of pressure, to control the ball with a defender on your back, to make perfect passes, and most importantly, I want you to be confident, smooth, and perfect every time the ball is at your feet.


This site is NOT a replacement for traditional team practices and/or different functional training.  In fact, Soccer TOD focuses so exclusively on the fundamentals, the techniques covered on the site can be done even if you have practice or a game!  Bottom line, you need to be in the habit of touching a ball DAILY, even if you can only squeeze in 5 minutes!  The difference will amaze you.


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